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What a job at Rodiger provides

  • Your own laptop and peripherals

  • Big knowledge base to learn from

  • Great mentorship

  • Opportunity to take MicroFocus certificates

  • Opportunity to attend TICM events

  • Flexible time to suit your study

  • Great atmosphere


When applying for a student job at Rodiger, there are no defining requirements. But, you should at least know basics of JavaScript and JSON. Knowing the basics of  SQL and also have a basic understanding of REST API’s is also appreciate. Any other coding experience is a plus of course.

Reading articles on our website will give you some introduction in the things we do. Also, on our Service page, you can find a list of technologies we use. Reading a little bit about every one individually will also give you some perspective.

When you apply, you will have an interview with our CEO. Then, you will be given a simple task that you will need to solve. Based on the task completion rate, you will be invited on another interview to sort out the details about the job at Rodiger.

Office Working


Our usual day starts with a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, and a little casual meeting where we discuss what will be done that day and sort out any problems if there are any. The day starts at 8AM by the way, but there isn’t a problem if you come late, you’ll just stay in the office a little longer. At 12PM we have a lunch break and at 4PM we pack up and go home. You’re free to stay longer of you want / need and of course, you can take your lunch break anytime you want.


We have 2 offices in TICM ( Technology and innovation centre Međimurje ) and as part of TICM, we have access to the break room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Break room has a big TV where you can relax and watch a show during break. Kitchen contains a stove, a kettle, a fridge and other appliances for you to use. There’s also a nice park area around the building if you want to take a walk or smoke.

Being a member of TICM also brings other benefits, such as the opportunity to attend lectures and lessons provided by TICM. They are being held pretty much every month, sometimes even more often. Topic can range from programming, marketing, organization and more.


As for automation, we use a MicroFocus Operation Orchestration studio in which you can create automation flows and deploy them into web based OO Central where you can run them. Running a flow executes a task, or series of tasks, as designed in the flow itself. When designing a flow there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind, such as:

  • Use better scripts to reduce the number of tasks
  • Think of all possible cases and cover them
  • Do regular testing
  • Design a flow for reusability
  • Keep error handling in mind
  • Design small subflows and combine them into one big flow

With us, you can learn how to create fast and effective automation flows. You also have an opportunity to take free microfocus certificates that will help you to better understand automation and flow design. Here, you will also benefit from any knowledge of PowerShell and Bash.


Why should you start your career at Rodiger? Starting your career at Rodiger is great for a couple of reasons, and I’m speaking to you as a student who started his career here at Rodiger. Here, you will have an opportunity to learn many things and to do many things. We won’t give you a “make a simple website” task 20 times in a row where you won’t learn anything past the third time.

Here, for example, you can create automation flows that return data in HTML or XML or JSON. Then you can post it to your chatting platform and store it into database. Make a web preview of that data that you get from the database. For the flows, you’ll need to create Bash and PowerShell scripts. You can write bot scripts in CoffeeScript or JavaScript. Creating environments and managing docker is also a task that needs to be done. Besides writing documentation, you can write articles, such as this one, for our website.

Of course, if you want to get better at JavaScript, you can say and some tasks will be created for you. You can expand to frameworks such as React or Vue. The point is, you get a say in what you do. Automation often requires knowledge in many different fields so anything you learn is a plus.


I hope you found this article somewhat insightful and that you will keep working on your knowledge and skills. Personally I would have loved to see an article like this a few years ago so I hope you’ll find it useful.

We’ll be making a video soon, where our CEO will go more in depth about this topic. The video will be available on our Youtube channel. The video will not repeat the stuff that was said in this article, it will be more about architecture, working for an organization and what you should learn today to be competitive on the market. And of course, what you need to get a job at Rodiger, so be sure to watch it when it comes out.