Enterprise Cloud Automation as a Service.
IT Automation and Robotic Processs Automation.


Get valuable insights in your processes and take needed actions when it counts.

Monitoring &

We enable you to monitor your servers and work environment to get notified when something unexpected happens.

Data Center

Easy to deploy and upgrade container based architecture. Make your data centres faster and more efficient.

Transition to Cloud

Reduce the cost of hardvare upgrade and maintenance and scale your data and computing usage by moving to cloud.


Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible pricing for all our services.


We offer full technical support for our solutions whenever you need us.

Technologies we use

Other services



We design custom ChatBots using new and modern Bot Framework SDK.

  • Modern and flexible custom ChatBot

  • Connect to almost any platform

  • One bot for multiple channels

  • Support for comprehensive dialogs and adaptive cards

  • Capable of running automation flows through chat

  • Returns automation flow results


Custom app development

Custom app development

Custom web application using JavaScript and NodeJS.

  • Modern, fast, scalable and reliable

  • We assure longevity by using latest technology

  • Flexible enviroment and regular demos

  • Designed to meet your demands

  • Ability to connect with other applications using APIs

Custom app development

Web app development

web development

Need a new and responsive web app? We’ll build you one.

  • We build modern and responsive web apps

  • We’re using modern technologies like ReactJS

  • Mobile ports with React Native

  • Fast, scalable and responsive

web development


Consulting and problem solving

Need some advice regarding automation and digital transformation ? You’re in the right place.

  • Let us help you decide what to automate

  • Wanna know how you can benefit from automation
  • Automation best practices

  • How you can use ChatBot to manipulate automated flows
Consulting and problem solving

Contact us and let’s automate