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Since a one year mark of me starting job at Rodiger is getting close, I’ve decided to reflect on the past year.  This post will be about my experiences and my thoughts on working in Rodiger. What I have learned, what projects I was a part of and what was the whole experience like. It will also give you some perspective on working in Rodiger if you are a student that wants to start an IT career.

Starting a job at Rodiger

I have found out about Rodiger through an university friend of mine. At the time, Rodiger didn’t have website and the friend’s description was quite vague. I wasn’t sure to apply or not, but eventually I did because I really wanted to finally work in an IT industry and improve my skill set.

After an interview with Dejan, I started on the next Monday and stayed until now.

Learning and “getting a hand of it”

The first few days in Rodiger, I have spent on getting to know the company and its culture. Soon, I was familiar with current company state, it’s services, workflow and learning about Micro Focus Operations Orchestration. The first month was a bit overwhelming since everything was pretty new to me. Also, the university didn’t really prepare me for this job or rather for working in an IT industry at all.

After a little while, I started to get a hang of it and made some automation flows, wrote documentation and learned good practices. Things settled down a bit and became more relaxed. I’m sure everyone, on their first job, is quite nervous and wants to be as good as they can.

After that, I have started to develop a chatbot using Botframework and making research about the framework for one of company’s projects. This research introduced me to NodeJS and BotFramework which sparked the series of articles about Chatbots that I wrote and published on this Website. But, before that and just after finishing researching Botframework, I wasn’t sure what to do next.

How I switched to creating and writing content and doing SEO

Then we talked a bit about the company and decided that we really need to finish and publish our website. So, I started writing content and edit the site as best as I could.

You can judge for yourself if I’ve done a good job or not.

After finishing that, I’ve started learning and optimizing website’s SEO and performance. Besides that, I’ve had a fresh knowledge of botframework and some company information as well as automation in general. I decided to write a few blog posts so that the website would not seem empty. Blog posts are also great for SEO and it feels good when someone takes the time to read what you have written.

Typing on computer

And that’s pretty much how it started creating content and I just continued to this day. Eventually I started editing videos and learning about colors, composition, editing and more. In my free time, I do a little bit of audio mixing so that part wasn’t hard.

My thoughts on Rodiger

I think that Rodiger is a great place to start your career because you can learn a lot of things and specialise in many different fields, from web development and content creation, through server administration, to cloud automation.

Personally, I was able to get experience in the fields that  I liked, like SEO, content creation, video editing and other similar topics. I’ve also learned interesting things like NodeJS, Botframework, PowerShell and Bash scripting and Operation Orchestration. As I’ve said before, you have the opportunity to learn many new things. You can then choose to specialise in one of them.


A job at Rodiger offers many opportunities for improvement of your skills. Mentorship is great, projects are challenging and atmosphere is great. Also, you will work in the field of automation which is only growing and becoming a new standard. Digital transformation and robotic process automation are quite a buzz words today. So, if you live near Čakovec, you should consider joining in.

Office team working

If you like how a job at Rodiger sounds, feel free to apply here.