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There are many automation, RPA and digital transformation solutions out there. Some are highly advanced, some are basic, some are expensive, some are open source. Choosing a perfect solution for you can be hard, but we are here to help. We will talk a bit about us, a bit about MicroFocus whose automation solutions we use, what we can provide and how it benefits your organization.

So, why should you choose Rodiger for your automation and digital transformation needs? Let’s find out.

A bit about us

Rodiger, despite being active for only a little over 4 years, has consultants with more than 21 years of experience in IT and more than 10 years of experience in automation.  We have more than 30 Micro Focus certificates, both sales and technical. This only proves our expertise in the field of automation and technical knowledge of Micro Focus tools.

Our CEO, Dejan Rodiger is TOGAF V9 certified for enterprise architecture from 2016. He also has ITIL foundation and ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements certificate.

You can find more information on our About page.

What we offer

Our primary services

As for our primary services, we offer:

  • Enterprise Cloud Automation as a Service

  • DevOps

  • Hybrid Cloud Automation

  • Digital Transformation

Our services can easily integrate with your company’s architecture and workflow meaning your business model can remain unchanged. But, to get more benefits from your services and later automation, you should start changing and modernizing some of your processes. Maybe even your entire organization, we can help you by creating new and improved Enterprise Architecture through Digital Transformation Workshops. These workshops will be led by a TOGAF v9 certified automation consultant.

Some examples and more detail

After automating some of your processes, we can also offer a custom Chatbot that can run automation flows through MS Teams, Slack, Skype or other platforms and return flow results into chat. This can streamline your IT support by giving valuable information to people involved in resolving incidents and doing change requests.

We are using newest technologies like NodeJS, Microsoft BotFramework, Jenkins, Nagios and many other. We’re proficient with JavaScript, Bash and PowerShell, Html, JSON, working with API’s and more. We also have many premade automated flows, scripts and good practices to automate many processes fast and reliable.

Why you should choose Rodiger and what are the benefits

Benefits from automation and modernization

Some benefits you can achieve using our services include Cost reduction, Time savings, Increased productivity, Better system reliability, Better projections and better monitoring. When you implement automated processes, you can reallocate your employees to other departments instead of hiring new ones. With automation, the need to monitor and maintain your systems gets greatly reduced. Your employees will make profit elsewhere and will do more meaningful tasks. System downtime will also be reduced preventing any lost time that can otherwise be used for research and development, deploymend or automation.

Other benefits

We could go on for hours, but if you are interested in finding out more, you can read more about general benefits of automation in our other article.

There are other benefits of working with us, which can also be important. Which can include great communication and availability, consulting and general knowledge sharing, completing tasks on time, always thinking of security and more.

Rodiger also offers competitive and flexible prices while maintaining quality and flexibility. We use Agile methodology to ensure quality, consistency and to streamline implementation based on your priorities.

Our experience

Rodiger has some great projects behind, like a project for one of the biggest world banks for which we created cloud infrastructure services across 8 data centers and we were able to create more than 30.000 virtual servers. This included management of different Windows, Linux and Unix servers and basically resembles Amazon cloud solutions. The project greatly reduced company’s internal IT expenses and still continues to do so.

Another notable project was made for the biggest German telecom for which we implemented storage disk services across several data centers. This helped them to centralize storage management teams across countries. It also helped them to provide data much faster than before. Usually it took them days to create, extend  or delete disks, but after achieving automation, it took them only a couple of minutes to do the same.


Here’s a short video that introduces Rodiger Ltd, its CEO and its services. If you don’t really like reading or you want to get a more personal touch, be sure to watch this video. The article, on the other hand, contains more information and better presents Rodiger as an automation company.

There are also other videos on out Youtube channel so be sure to check them out. We talk about our company and our journey in the world of Automation. Also, we talk about our previous projects and how we handled them.

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