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Our CEO, Dejan Rodiger, was a Teach4Edu4 project partner and has helped the project with his knowledge and expertise in IT. But, let’s first talk a little bit about the project itself, why it is important and how it will change education.

Teach4Edu4 project

“This project has an objective to respond to the need of Industry 4.0 with the strategic partnership that will develop and nurture the vision and solutions of how to accelerate the corresponding transition within HEIs – in the field of Computer Science and related disciplines – towards Education 4.0 where humans and technologies are aligned with the aim to enable achievement of skills, competences and knowledge necessary in 21st century.”

Teach4Edu4 rodiger

Project coordination and lifespan

First off, the projects full name is Accelerating the transition towards Edu 4.0 in HEIs and is approved by Erasmus+. The project had started on November of 2020. and is ending in May of 2023.

The project is coordinated by Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin and led by assoc. prof. Igor Balaban PhD. There are also many other Universities and partners, from many countries, that are involved in this project. List of partners include partners from countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Finland. Partners may vary as Universities, associated partners and „other partners“.

More details

More on the project itself, Teach4Edu4 aims at restructuring and reorganizing Higher Education Institutions to better suit the needs of industry 4.0. We helped Teach4Edu4, with out industry knowledge and experience, to better understand the gap between current student education and industry demands. Since we have a few FOI students hired, we had easier time identifying problems and gaps in their education. We hope that, after this project has finished, future generations will have more focused and consistent education.