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New Youtube channel

Before talking about our company introduction video, we’d like to present our Youtube channel, Rodiger Automation. There, we will be posting videos explaining automation tools and partices, automation tutorials, coding tutorials and company updates.

For now, we have 3 videos, one presenting our company and services and other 2 presenting our views on Autmation in general and RPA. For those who don’t know, RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation.

In the future, we will be posting videos about our company, our services and things we do. We will also do tutorials and lesson videos. Some of the topics of these can include authoring automation flows in Operation Orchestration, NodeJS tutorials using express and other packages / libraries, chatbot development with botframework SDK and many more.

Rodiger company introduction video

In this video, you can find brief information about Rodiger Ltd, it’s history and growth as well as it’s services. Our founder and CEO, Dejan Rodiger, is presenting the company in this video.

This video aims to spread awareness about Rodiger LTD and it’s expertise in automation and other services. Also, we aim is to find new clients, employees, students or to just make automation more approachable to regular people and students who are interested in automation.

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Follow us and subscribe

If you’re interested in Automation tools, Docker, MicroFocus operation orchestration, authoring automation flows, JavaScript, Chatbots and automation in general, you can subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on our future videos. You are also free to comment on our videos if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to se us do a video about.

We also encourage you to follow us on social media. There you can see if a new video or lesson has come out as well as any news regarding Rodiger. Here are the links.