• Writing-bot-dialogs

Writing bot dialogs

Writing bot dialogs has a lot to do with planning because you have to have all the dialog flow planned before you start writing your dialog. You also need to manage your dialog state and have a way to stop a dialog if needed.

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  • Bot-Framework-Dialogs

Bot Framework Dialogs

Dialogs are a highlight of Bot Framework SDK and they are at it's centre. Through them, you can write comprehensive conversations that the bot will engage in with users. Rather than having a bot that just responds to user with a predefined message to a specific keyword. With bot framework dialogs, bots can give you real "dialog" experience.

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  • What-is-automation

What is automation

Automation can be defined as a technology concerned with performing a process by means of programmed commands combined with automatic feedback control to ensure proper execution of the instructions. The resulting system is capable of operating without human intervention.

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  • Benefits-of-automation

Benefits of automation

Benefits of automation can manifest in many different ways. From cost reduction and time savings to better profuctivity and business predictions. It also raises your client's satisfaction and reassures them to use your services.

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  • New lab server

New lab server

Earlier this year, we got a new lab server from Supermicro to experiment with. This is a great asset to speed up our work and to set up and learn new environments. We do a lot of experimentation with docker environments and this server is perfect for that.

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  • Adaptive-cards-in-bots

Adaptive cards in bots

Adaptive Cards are platform-agnostic snippets of UI, authored in JSON, that apps and services can openly exchange. They adapt their UI to the platform's standard UI so adaptive cards in MS Teams will look different than in Slack, but they'll all have the same features.

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  • register-your-bot-in-azure-portal

Azure bot registration

Bot channel registration, in Azure Portal, is where you register your bot and connect your bot to desired channels. Channels are really just your chat platforms like MS Teams, Slack or Skype.

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  • Bot-development

Bot development

This article introduces you to bot development which includes starting and testing your bot firstly. Secondly it teaches you to understand bot's scripts and how to write one yourself.

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  • Build-a-bot-with-bot-framework-sdk

Build a bot with Bot Framework SDK

Bot Framework is a collection of SDK's for bot development in various languages mentioned in the previous article. It provides tools to build, test, deploy and manage bots. The SDK acronym stands for „Software Development Kid“ and it is exactly that, a kit that supplies you with libraries, documentation, guides and code samples. Bot framework SDK is basicly all you need to start building your bot.

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  • What-are-chatbots

What are ChatBots

ChatBots are applications that are built in one of several available programming languages and are hosted on a remote server. You can interact with them through your chatting platform such as Slack, MS Teams, Mattermost, etc.

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